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Twitter has blocked Trump's account on a permanent basis

The administration of the social network Twitter has blocked access to the account of the current US President Donald Trump. This is stated in her statement.

The social network said that this decision was made after “careful consideration of recent tweets” of the politician and the context that surrounds them.

As noted in the Twitter administration, Trump's account has been permanently frozen “due to the danger of further incitement to violence.”

Earlier it was reported that Trump's Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Snapchat accounts were blocked.

On January 6, supporters of the current US President Donald Trump stormed the building of the US Congress, interrupting the meeting at which they were supposed to approve the results of the last elections. As a result of the incident, five people died. Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser has ordered a curfew. According to the latest information, charges were brought against 55 participants in the siege.

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