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U.S. stock indices hit record highs

The rally on the U.S. stock exchanges continues. The main indices are rising. They have reached record levels. Markets did not react to the unrest in the country related to the transfer of presidential power.

Investors are positive about Joe Biden's victory in the presidential election. They expect the Democrats, who also have a majority in Congress, will significantly increase government spending to support the U.S. economy.

It is assumed that in the near future it will be decided to increase payments to Americans up to $2,000. This will lead to an increase in inflation. In such circumstances, the growth of stocks of technological and financial companies will continue. Securities of companies, engaged in the production of consumer goods, will also go up.

Thursday trading ended with growth of the S&P 500 index by 1.6%. It rose to 3803.79 points. The Nasdaq Composite index rose 2.6 percent to 1,367.48 points. The Dow Jones Industrial Average also demonstrated growth. It rose 0.7 percent to 31041.13 points.

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