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Democracy in the United States: Can the damage be repaired?

During his four years in office, Donald Trump has repeatedly questioned the country's democratic institutions and tested them with his attacks. Now his supporters have invaded the very heart of U.S. democracy — the Capitol — and forced the congressmen sitting there to suspend their work. The press writes that democracy may be further impaired, but they also point out that the US political system is very stable.

The whole system is poisoned

In her article in El Periodico de Catalunya, writer Emma Riverola points out that we should not underestimate what has happened and see it as nothing more than an amusing tragicomedy:

“A group of extremely dubious individuals, which makes your hair stand on end, performed a strange act between parody and tragedy: they stormed the Capitol. They were obeying Trump's orders. Once again, the question arises: is this the last pus that has opened up there and is poisoning everything and everyone? Or has the infection already managed to spread everywhere — and the threat of sepsis looms over the entire system? The YouGov Institute for Public Opinion Research conducted a follow-up poll. Warning: 45 percent of the Republican electorate supported the storming of the Capitol!”

It is what the Founding Fathers warned against...

This story is not over yet,” the Postimees warns:

“Even the most improbable scenarios are quite possible — for the simple reason that human nature is unchangeable. James Madison and the other founding fathers of the United States had no illusions. They believed that man was weak and easily manipulated. Although sovereignty should belong to the people, it must be properly divided into its component parts. This was to protect the people from themselves. Otherwise, there would have been a risk that people with bad intentions could have acquired votes through intrigue, corruption, and other means, — and then betrayed the interests of the people. The last four years have been a strong indication of how shrewd the founding fathers of the United States were two hundred years ago.”

Democracies must be on their guard!

Democracies around the world are unarmed in the face of the mindless crowd, which is not at all difficult to turn on, is the commentary of the online portal Haberturk:

“Trump has shown the world how weak, fragile, and defenseless a democratic regime is in the face of despotic leaders and hordes of plebs who have not learned what democracy is. ... With such an audience at the helm, political parties very quickly become structures controlled not by a reasonable majority but by a militant minority. All democracies in the world will face similar risks in the near future. It is possible that, because of the growing racism and ignorance of the world, we will soon see similar scenes in Europe.

America can do it!

Democracy in the U.S. should by no means be underestimated,” Corriere Della Sera argues:

“In order to take parliament by storm, one must at least have one; in many large countries, there is no representative power whatsoever. Moreover, the system of representative power in Western countries is harshly criticized. America will remain the benchmark for the world, not only because of its military bases, cultural industry, and Internet giants. America will remain the first superpower precisely because of its democracy, constantly fueled by humanity's best energies, scientists (the only Covid vaccines available are American), and immigrants and minorities. America's strength is precisely in its complexity, which Donald and his associates try to deny--or simplify. ... And now that everyone has seen the extremists' power and the danger they pose, the extremists are in danger of decline and decline.”

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