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Scientists found a way to reduce the risk of death from coronavirus

The use of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors will help to reduce the risk of death in coronavirus, writes Spektrum referring to the study of German scientists.

Experts have come to such a conclusion after studying the immune response of more than one thousand cells. For this purpose, were taken swabs from the nasopharynx of 32 patients with COVID-19 and 16 uninfected people.

It turned out that people with high blood pressure had immune cells already inflamed before being infected with the coronavirus, and after infection, they were more likely to have an excessive immune response and a more severe course of the disease.

According to experts, this reaction could be a determining factor in a person's likelihood of survival. However, scientists found a way to prevent an excessive immune response by using hypotensive drugs.

In the study, scientists compared patients with COVID-19 with high and normal blood pressure.

It turned out that when ACE inhibitors were used in patients with high blood pressure, the risk to life was reduced to the level of patients with normal blood pressure without cardiovascular disease.

Without these drugs, the likelihood of death increased fourfold. The scientists intend to continue the research.

On December 4, the researchers named a substance effective against COVID-19. It turned out that in some cases melatonin prevents infection with coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the development of subsequent disease COVID-19 and can be a drug that supports the effect of the vaccine.

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