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Trump replaces federal attorney in the US State of Georgia

Attorney for the Northern District of the US State of Georgia Byung J. "BJ" Park abruptly resigned on Monday, January 4, CNN reports.

According to the TV station, Park's resignation comes after a phone call over the weekend, when US President Donald Trump pressured Georgia's Secretary of State and Republican Brad Raffensperger to “find” votes to overturn the state election results, which are still the incumbent head of the White House. Lost to Democrat Joe Biden.

Pak, Trump's 2017 appointment as the chief federal attorney for the Northern District, which includes Atlanta and Fulton County, has resigned, citing “unforeseen circumstances.”

Voting for the new president took place in the United States in early November. Joe Biden was voted for by 306 electors, and Trump received 232 votes. Now the results obtained on January 6 must be approved by Congress. The inauguration of the American leader is scheduled for January 20. Due to the pandemic, they decided to hold the ceremony in a truncated format, and the parade will be held online.

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