Miss Virginia 1958, Died Due to Coronavirus, Comes to Life

Former “Miss Virginia” Barbara Guthrie Lay has come to life after she was pronounced dead from complications from COVID-19. The portal ABC 7 reports.

Shortly before Christmas, an 82-year-old American woman contracted the coronavirus. According to her assumptions, she caught the infection from the nearest neighbor. Lei soon developed breathing problems and was hospitalized on December 20. Two days later, doctors pronounced the woman in the intensive care unit dead.

The first to receive the tragic news of Lei's death was her son Tom. He contacted Tony's mother's husband, who began calling other relatives “in tears”. However, a few minutes later, the hospital called his son again, informing him that his mother had a pulse. “As a doctor, I would not hesitate to say that there is only one word to describe what happened — the miracle,” Tom said.

According to Tony, until this day, he did not realize how much he loved his wife. “I was overjoyed and cried again. From an unhappy person with a broken heart, I turned into a very happy one, ” admitted the husband of the 1958 beauty contest winner.

Currently, the former “Miss Virginia” has been transferred to a regular ward, but she does not yet know what happened. The relatives decide how best to inform her of this.

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