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The UK imposed third national quarantine

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the introduction of a third national quarantine in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Johnson said the new strain of coronavirus is spreading at an “alarming rate.” “It is obvious that a third national lockdown is needed,” the prime minister said.

According to him, from Tuesday, January 5, English schools are switching to remote work, only children of representatives of “key” professions, for example, doctors, social workers, firefighters, policemen, couriers, salespeople, will be able to go to schools. Citizens are allowed to leave the house only for a walk, to the doctor, or to the store. People with severe chronic illnesses are advised not to leave the house at all.

Earlier, doctors in the UK regions suggested increasing the level of threat from coronavirus in the country to the maximum. In addition, healthcare professionals have warned of the risk of overheating the healthcare system in the next three weeks. According to them, currently, the spread of coronavirus among the population is very high, and the number of patients with COVID-19 in hospitals and intensive care units is also growing.

On Monday, January 4, the number of detected cases of coronavirus in Britain per day was a record 58 784 since the beginning of the pandemic. Over the past week, more than 50 thousand cases of infection per day have been recorded every day.

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