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NYT spoke about the growth in the number of hacker attack targets in the USA

The New York Times published data according to which at least 250 networks could be affected during a large-scale hacker attack.

Initially, the investigation identified a smaller number (several dozen networks). Such data became known as companies with access to cloud services, such as Amazon and Microsoft, began to conduct an internal analysis of what happened.

In addition, the publication found that the attackers used servers located in the United States in the attack.

At the same time, it turned out that the early warning sensors deployed by the cyber command and the National Security Agency in the networks did not react to cyber-attacks.

The NYT suggests that attention from cyber intrusion into government networks may have been diverted amid public debate on protecting against hackers in the US presidential election.

Earlier, US Attorney General William Barr said that a large-scale cyberattack on US government departments and large firms was carried out with the participation of Russia. “According to the information I have, <...> it is obvious that they were Russians,” he stressed.

Barr added that he agreed with the views of US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo. The head of the State Department said that he “can very clearly say about the participation of the Russian Federation” in cyber attacks. US Treasury Chief Steven Mnuchin announced on December 21 that a cyberattack on US government networks did not cause significant damage to his department. At the same time, American President Donald Trump said that it was most likely not the Kremlin, but China that was behind the large-scale hacking. He also noted that journalists exaggerate the scale of the hacker attack.

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