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Coronavirus in the USA — California has run out of mortuary spaces

In the U.S. state of California, where amid the raging pandemic previously ran out of beds for COVID patients, now there is no more room in the morgues.

This was reported by CTV News.

Bob Ackermann, executive director of the California Funeral Home Association, says the increased number of people dying has slowed the entire process of burying and cremating bodies, including embalming and issuing death certificates, by a week or more instead of three days.

“All the funeral homes I've talked to say, 'We're handling it as fast as we can.' The amount of work they do is unbelievable, and they're afraid they might not be able to handle everything. And that the worst part of this surge is yet to come,” Ackermann said.

Magda Maldonado, who owns a funeral home in Southern California, says she now takes in at least 30 bodies a day -- six times as many as usual.

“I've been in the funeral business for 40 years, and I've never in my life thought that one day I would have to tell families that there was no room for their deceased relatives,” she says.

Maldonado says even her colleagues can't help her — there are no spaces available at any of the mortuaries she knows. So she's been forced to rent more refrigerators for corpses and even postpone going to hospitals for a day or two.

Recall that as of January 3, the number of COVID-19 victims in the United States had exceeded 350,000, and more than 20 million cases of the coronavirus have already been confirmed in the country.

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