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The new composition of Congress began work in the USA

Next week, the new composition of Congress at a general session is to approve Joe Biden's victory in the presidential election.

The US Congress has begun work in a new composition, while control over the Senate has not yet been determined.

Thus, the Democratic Party retained control over the House of Representatives — now it has 222 votes against 211 from the Republicans. In one county, a winner has yet to be determined, and in another, Congressman-elect Luke Letlow died of coronavirus shortly before Congress.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to be re-elected for a new two-year term. She has controlled the Democratic faction since 2003, with limited opposition.

At the same time, Republican Mitch McConnell may lose the seat of the majority leader in the Senate following the by-elections in two Georgia districts on January 5. If the Democrats win in both constituencies, the senatorial tally will be 50:50, and future Vice President Kamala Harris, as Senate President, will be able to vote for Democrats with an equal vote.

The new composition of Congress takes office shortly before the general session on January 6, where the victory of Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential election is to be confirmed. Some Republicans in both chambers are expected to voice objections to Biden's approval, although they have no practical chance of success. The incumbent President Donald Trump does not admit defeat in the elections.

It became known the day before that at least 140 Republicans in the US Congress intend to vote against the results of the electoral college voting in the US presidential elections. But they will only delay Biden's announcement of the election won by a few hours.

Earlier, Trump accused the FBI and the Department of Justice of not doing anything to investigate fraud in the presidential election. According to the head of the White House, the inaction of these departments will go down in history along with “the largest scam in US history,” as he calls the last presidential election.

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