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Republican Senators to Challenge US Presidential Election Results

In the United States, 11 senators from the Republican Party intend to challenge the results of the presidential elections in the country, made during the voting at the electoral college. Fox News reports.

They intend to file a formal objection. In addition, officials intend to seek the appointment of an electoral commission, which will have the authority to investigate and verify election results in the disputed states.

At the same time, the senators spoke in favor of certain states to assess the conclusions of the commission, and also to hold hearings in state legislatures to assure the changed election results.

“Accordingly, we intend to vote on January 6 against the electors from the disputed states,” the senators said in a statement.

Earlier, Biden received more than 270 electoral votes, ensuring his victory in the election of President of the United States. Putin later congratulated Biden on his victory in the presidential election. He sent him a telegram in which he wished the new US President success.

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