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China hopes to improve relations with the United States under Biden

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the current Trump administration saw China as “the so-called greatest threat, and therefore pursued a completely wrong policy.”

Beijing hopes for a rational approach by the new US administration to China, which will improve relations between the two countries. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PRC Wang Yi, reported on Saturday, January 2, by the Chinese media.

“Currently, Shina-US relations are at a new crossroads. (...) It is hoped that the new US government will return a rational approach, resume dialogue, return relations between the two countries on the right track and restore cooperation,” the minister said.

Wang Yi also noted that the reason for the aggravation of relations between China and the United States was “serious distortions in the perception of China by the American authorities, who saw in it the so-called greatest threat, and therefore pursued a completely wrong policy.”

According to the minister, Washington tried to “provoke a new Cold War, which not only caused serious damage to the interests of the two peoples but to the whole world.”

As for China, its policy towards the United States “maintains continuity and stability,” and it is willing to develop China-US relations “on the basis of coordination, cooperation, and stability,” Wang Yi said.

He noted that China has never interfered in the internal affairs of the United States and hopes that the United States will also “respect the social system and development path chosen by the Chinese people, the legitimate right of the Chinese people to a better life.”

By the way, NATO in December named the main military threats until 2030. China ranked second as the main threat after Russia.

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