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Congress overcomes Trump's veto on the defense budget

For the first time during Trump's presidency, both houses of the American Congress were able to overcome his veto.

The U.S. Senate on Friday, January 1, overcame President Donald Trump's veto and passed a $740 billion defense budget for fiscal 2021.

For the first time in Trump's presidency, both houses of Congress were able to overcome his veto.

Earlier, Trump refused to sign the defense budget, calling it a “gift” to Russia and China. The main claims of the president boiled down to articles “hardcoded” in the document about the renaming of military bases named after the military leaders of the slave-owning South during the American Civil War, as well as measures introducing the responsibility of social networks and the media for the content they publish.

The defense budget provides for the expansion of sanctions against the Russian gas pipelines Nord Stream-2 and Turkish Stream, arms supplies to Ukraine, a ban on cooperation between the US and Russian military, sanctions against Turkey for the supply of Russian S-400 air defense systems.

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