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In France, for the first time revealed a mutation of the coronavirus from South Africa

A new strain of COVID-19 was found in the Upper Rhine region in a person who returned from South Africa.

France has recorded the first case of a new strain of coronavirus, first detected in South Africa in mid-December. It was reported by The Guardian on Thursday, December 31st.

The mutated coronavirus was found in a person who returned from South Africa. Infected with a new strain of coronavirus lives in the Haute Rhine region on the border with Switzerland.

Recall that earlier in Japan and Finland, cases of both “British” and “South African” types of coronavirus were detected. Also in the Netherlands, an outbreak of the “British” coronavirus was recorded. Most of those infected with mutating COVID-19 have not visited the UK, but some may be related to one another. Finally, the “British” mutation of the coronavirus has been identified in Canada. Citizens infected with the new strain of COVID-19 have not made any travel recently.

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