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A tourist went to a party while on holiday and was fined $13,000

The tourist escaped from quarantine to a party while on holiday in Australia and was fined $13,000. The Daily Mail reports.

The 25-year-old traveler flew to Perth from Adelaide on December 11 and had to go straight to the hotel, where he was to be isolated for 14 days. The next day, during a routine check, local police officers did not find the guest in his room, and also could not get through to him.

When the man returned to the hotel, the authorities arrested him, and during the investigation of the incident, they revealed a whole chain of violations committed by the tourist. So, after arriving at the airport, he first went with a friend to a restaurant where you could take takeaway food, and then when checking into the hotel, the man refused to put on a protective mask on his face.

He then left his room to go to the supermarket and later went to a local club for a party where he spent five hours. In court, the traveler confessed to all violations and pleaded guilty, he was fined.

In December, a group of flight attendants who violated Sydney's quarantine to go to the store was fined $13,000. The flight attendants flew to Australia from South America and we're supposed to be in strict quarantine at the airport hotel, but several people left it. Upon learning of this, the local police returned the flight attendants.

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