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The US suspects China of conspiring with the Taliban instead of Russia

The administration of the incumbent US president decided to declassify unconfirmed intelligence data about the bonuses that China allegedly offered to the Taliban terrorist group for attacks on American soldiers in Afghanistan. This is reported by the Axios portal.

This information was announced by National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien during a briefing to the President on December 17. It is not known whether President-elect Joe Biden or members of Congress are aware of the situation.

The New York Times reported on June 26, citing intelligence agencies, that Russian military intelligence had secretly offered to pay for the murder of American servicemen in Afghanistan. Thus, Moscow allegedly wanted to disrupt the US peace talks with the Taliban, the publication said.

In Russia, the accusations were called unfounded. Various American structures also found it difficult to confirm the reliability of the information, but the American intelligence community considers the evidence to be quite convincing. Later, the Pentagon also found no evidence of this.

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