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In the US, a physician fell ill with COVID-19 after vaccination

The man was vaccinated by Pfizer on December 18 but felt the first symptoms of the disease on December 24.

In the United States, a nurse contracted the coronavirus after receiving a COVID vaccine from Pfizer a week earlier. It is reported by ABC on Wednesday, December 30th.

The man works as a nurse in the emergency departments of two California hospitals. Matthew W., 45, was vaccinated against the coronavirus on December 18, but on December 24, he began to experience chills, aches, and weakness.

Two days after the onset of symptoms, Matthew decided to get tested for the coronavirus — his test was positive.

We will remind you that earlier the nurse fainted on air after being vaccinated against COVID-19. Doctors at CHI Memorial Hospital said the nurse's fainting was not related to the hospital's vaccinations.

It was also reported that in Germany, eight people accidentally received a five-fold dose of the COVID vaccine. The error occurred while vaccinating nursing home staff. Now four of them with flu symptoms were admitted to the hospital for observation.

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