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US authorities have expanded the list of sanctions on Venezuela

The US authorities on Wednesday, December 30, expanded the list of sanctions on Venezuela. This is stated on the website of the US Treasury Department.

The Americans added to the list of sanctions “Judge Laurena Carolina Corniels Ruiz and Venezuelan Attorney Ramon Antonio Torres Espinoza, Venezuelan government officials who presided over the November 2020 trial and sentenced six US residents in Venezuela.”

“The United States remains committed to protecting its citizens and prosecuting those who facilitate the usurpation of power in Venezuela by the illegal Maduro regime,” said US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin.

In the message of the US Ministry of Finance, it is clarified that as a result of the imposition of sanctions against two citizens of Venezuela, all property and interests in the property of these persons, which are in the United States or in the possession or control of the Americans, are blocked.

On September 22, the United States added five Venezuelan citizens to the list of sanctions for “undermining democracy” and supporting President Nicolas Maduro.

The American sanctions list included the interim general secretary of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Miguel Antonio Jose Ponente Parra, Guillermo Antonio Luces, Parra's associate, Jose Bernabe Gutierrez Parra, also the interim chairman of the party.

Jaime Jose Bucaran Paraguan, listed as a Venezuelan government official, and Williams Jose Benavides Rondon, one of the leaders of the Venezuelan left-wing Tupamaro movement, were subjected to restrictions.

Relations between Venezuela and the United States remain tense. This is due to the fact that in January 2019, against the backdrop of protests, opposition leader Juan Guaido proclaimed himself head of state. The United States recognized it as legitimate and imposed unilateral sanctions against the republic and a number of politicians.

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