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What New Year's habit did Prince William inherit from Princess Diana?

Do you think Princess Diana was flawless? She had her flaws. The princess told about one of them in a letter to her friend, admitting that her eldest son William had already managed to adopt this habit.

We are ready to bet that New Year is one of your favorite holidays and you are looking forward to presenting gifts to your family and friends and unpacking presents from them. Princess Diana was no exception: in a letter sent to her friend in 1990, Lady Di admitted that she could not wait for Christmas — and began to open gifts in advance. The most interesting thing is that Diana's eldest son William took over this habit!

“I can't be left alone with the Christmas gifts, it's not safe,” the princess joked. “It looks like William has adopted this terrible habit: I find wrapping paper from gifts in the most unexpected places. The boys are delighted with the upcoming Christmas and are looking forward to their gifts.“

Note that it is not customary in the royal family to give each other expensive gifts, so family members approach this matter with humor. For example, Kate Middleton once gave Harry a Grow Your Own Girlfriend set — a toy in the shape of a girl that you need to put in water and it will increase in size. Prince Harry is also creative in his choice of gifts: once he presented his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, a shower cap with the inscription Ain't Life A Bitch. And Harry once gave his older brother William a comb, ironically hinting that William is rapidly losing hair.

Traditionally, the royal family celebrates Christmas with a large company at Sandringham Palace, but this year the members of the royal family will spend the upcoming holidays separately from each other, each at home. This decision was made in order to avoid infection with COVID-19. Charles and Camilla will celebrate Christmas at their residence at Clarence House, Kate and William with their children — at home in Norfolk, or with Kate's parents in Berkshire. As for Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip, they will spend the holidays together at Windsor Castle for the first time in 33 years.

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