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18 people dead in Belgium after the visit of Santa with COVID-19 to a nursing home

Santa Claus, who tested positive for coronavirus three days after visiting a nursing home, managed to infect almost 160 people in one visit.

In a nursing home located in the Belgian commune of Mol, after the visit of Santa Claus infected with the coronavirus, 18 guests died. In total, COVID-19 Santa has infected 157 people, writes the Daily Mail.

The animator received a positive test three days after the performance.

The man infected 121 patients and 36 employees of a social institution with coronavirus.

As the mayor of Mola, Wim Layers, said, the photographs from the holiday show that people do not observe social distance and not all participants in the holiday were wearing protective masks. Layers called the management of the institution “completely irresponsible.”

It is claimed that the actor regrets and regrets.

Meanwhile, one of the leading virologists in Belgium, Marc Van Ranst, doubts that Santa Claus could infect so many people: “Even for a super-distributor, this is too much.”

He believes that the most likely cause of the massive infection is poor ventilation. However, Ranst added that visiting Santa during the pandemic was a “stupid idea.”

Recall that the Czech Prime Minister was the first in the country to be vaccinated against COVID-19. In total, it is planned to vaccinate over one million citizens in the first quarter.

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