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Trump considered quarantine due to coronavirus worse than the epidemic itself

US President Donald Trump said that the quarantine due to COVID-19 is worse than the virus itself. Thus, he commented on the decisions taken in the states led by the Democrats. The American president shared his opinion on Twitter.

“Quarantines in states ruled by Democrats are completely ruining the lives of many people. This is much worse than the damage caused by the Chinese virus itself. The number of people infected in California has grown despite self-isolation, ” he wrote. At the same time, Trump felt that Florida and other regions that did not impose bans were doing an excellent job.

In November, California authorities postponed the lifting of restrictions imposed by the epidemic. In particular, the decision to fully return to full-time work of schools and enterprises was postponed. In addition, residents of some districts are prohibited from leaving their homes unnecessarily.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the United States has the highest incidence of COVID-19 in the world. The country has recorded almost 18 million cases of infection, more than 330 thousand people have died.

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