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Iran accuses US of obstructing purchase of COVID-19 vaccine

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has accused the United States of the superpower preventing Tehran from buying the COVID-19 vaccine.

IRNA agency reports.

"The US is creating problems for us regarding vaccines, drugs, and food, as well as other goods that we would like to buy abroad," Rouhani said.

The Americans have intimidated the World Health Organization, he is sure.

"How can you be trusted? You are famous for theft," added another accusation Rouhani.

The Iranian President also condemned the foreign media for allegedly launching propaganda against him and claiming that the country's leadership is seeking to postpone the vaccination of its people.

Iran wants to create its own drug, but at the same time is trying to buy a vaccine, Rouhani concluded.

Earlier, Iran announced the start of human trials of a vaccine against coronavirus of its own design.

It should be reminded that the head of the opposition news portal AmadNews, Ruholla Zam, was executed in Iran. He was charged with a number of charges, including "espionage for US intelligence."

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