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WHO announces the detection of new COVID strain in eight European countries

The head of the Regional Office for Europe of the World Health Organization (WHO), Hans Kluge said that a new strain of COVID-19 has already been identified in eight European countries.

“Eight countries in the European region have identified a new variant of COVID-19 VOC-202012/01. It is vital to strengthen existing protective measures,” he wrote on Twitter.

Kluge noted the importance of strengthening protective measures in connection with the spread of a new strain of coronavirus. He recalled the need to observe the recommended social distance and wear medical masks.

The head of the WHO Regional Office for Europe suggested that the new strain, unlike the previous ones, is more common among young people.

Kluge urged everyone to remain vigilant until a new strain is studied.

Earlier it was reported that two more new strains of coronavirus were identified in the UK. Prime Minister Boris Johnson associated the increased number of cases with the new COVID-19 mutation. According to him, the new strain was 70% more infectious than the previous ones. Against the background of this statement, many EU countries began to announce the closure of borders.

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