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Americans fired at a strip club from machine guns because of the requirement to wear masks

California's authorities arrested two Americans who fired machine guns at a strip club in Anaheim. The conflict occurred over the requirement to wear medical masks when visiting a facility, Business Insider reports.

According to law enforcement agencies, the two men had a fight with the club's administration over masks, after which they left and returned with a Kalashnikov assault rifle. One of them started shooting — fired 15 bullets at the building, as a result of which two workers and a visitor were injured.

They were soon found and arrested in Orange County. Judging by the names and surnames, the suspects belong to the Latin American community. They did not admit their guilt. It is noted that for an attack with a machine gun, they face a prison sentence up to life. Together with them, another person was arrested — the one who, presumably, brought the attackers to the club building, could be given up to 17 years in prison.

The publication notes that Los Angeles is experiencing a critical moment of the epidemic of a new type of coronavirus — on the day before Christmas, the state broke the record for the number of deaths of patients due to COVID-19.

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