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Subordinate accused Tony Robbins of PR on her COVID-19 infection

An employee of the company of business coach Tony Robbins Despina Costa sued him for PR on her infection with a new type of coronavirus, reports Bloomberg.

According to the statement of the subordinate of the coach, Robbins tried to shorten the period of her treatment, and also made public the details of her condition.

“By falsely claiming that he saved the life of an employee during the pandemic<...> Robbins tried to convince his followers that he had otherworldly knowledge and abilities, that he knew better than the doctors,” Costa's statement of claim States.

The lawsuit is filed against Robbins, his wife, and his Corporation, the report says. At the same time, coach's spokeswoman Jennifer Connelly called Costa's statement a way to “ use the media as a tool in an attempt to make their ridiculous and unfounded accusations.”

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