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The Pentagon discusses a plan of action in the event of Trump's introduction of martial law

The Pentagon is discussing the actions of the army in the event that the head of the Oval Office, Donald Trump, declares martial law in the country.

Writes about this Newsweek.

According to the publication, senior military officials do not rule out the option in which Trump will bring his supporters to the streets to prevent the transfer of power to President-elect Joe Biden. Plans are also being made in case an order is received to bring the army into Washington to ensure order during the inauguration and transition period.

It is explained that due to the state of emergency imposed in the United States due to the coronavirus pandemic, the president of the country is endowed with additional extensive powers. The generals fear that Trump's supporters may push him to illegal actions.

Sources of the publication express extreme concern that the US Department of Defense may be drawn into such a crisis.

Earlier on December 23, Donald Trump said that a special prosecutor must be appointed to investigate the allegedly fraudulent elections that took place on November 3, which was won by Democrat Joe Biden.

At the same time, senior White House officials are concerned that President Donald Trump may abuse his power and overturn the election results.

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