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US military base in Iraq fired rockets

US missile strike launched on US military base in Iraq

A missile strike was launched north of Baghdad at the base of Al-Taji, where the US military is located.

The military base in the area of Al-Taji in Iraq, on which the US military is stationed, was subjected to rocket fire on Sunday, December 29, Al-Arabiya television channel reported.

The base is located 27 km north of Baghdad. No casualties or damage are reported.

Recall, on December 29, American drones launched several attacks on five objects of the Shiite group Kataib Hezbollah in Syria and Iraq in response to attacks by its militants.

On December 27, unidentified men launched rocket fire at a US military base near the city of Kirkuk in northern Iraq. As a result, one American died, several more American and Iraqi soldiers were injured.

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