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The number of people vaccinated is approaching three million

Of the 2.7 million people who have already received their first coronavirus vaccine, 1.1 million are in the United States.

More than 2.7 million people have already received coronavirus vaccinations in six countries. Almost half of them are US citizens. Bloomberg reported this on Thursday, December 24, based on official government data.

“This marked the start of the largest vaccination campaign in history, and one of the largest logistical challenges of all time,” it said.

As the newspaper notes, mass vaccination is already being carried out in the USA, Great Britain, Israel, Canada.

In particular, in the United States alone, 1.12 million people had been vaccinated as of Wednesday. Overall, US hospitals received 5.1 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine and about 6 million Moderna. They are planned to be applied during the current week.

It is noted that most of all vaccinations were made in the states of California, Illinois, and New York.

In addition, half a million UK residents have also received the first round of vaccinations. In Israel and Canada, there are significantly fewer such people.

“The rest of the countries had an 'early start' in vaccination. In particular, China and Russia allowed their own vaccines in July and August before they were fully tested,” the agency notes.

In general, according to him, these two countries have vaccinated more than a million people.

The day before, it was also reported that Switzerland had launched a vaccination campaign. The first vaccine from Pfizer / BioNTech was received by a 90-year-old resident of a nursing home.

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