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Hungarian opposition unites against Orban

Six Hungarian opposition parties have signed a joint statement, according to which they intend to stand in the next parliamentary elections in 2022 as a single bloc. The agreement stipulates that parties will present a single electoral list and nominate one common candidate in each of the constituencies. Does the opposition have a chance to push Orban and his company away from the helm of power?

Hooray, the rift is overcome!

The Suddeutsche Zeitung writes about the challenges facing the opposition bloc:

“The ideological dispersion between parties — from the extreme left to the extreme right — should at least be ignored for a while. The personal ambitions of party leaders must recede into the background. It should be borne in mind that Fidesz conducts excessive gerrymandering, that is, arbitrary demarcation of constituencies [in order to artificially change the balance of power in them], relies on the press, dominated by pro-government media, and also constantly resorts to the rhetoric of intimidation. All this complicates the task for the competitors of Fidesz in many ways: it is difficult for them to ensure that their voice is heard — and thus increase their influence. ... Of course, in the time remaining until the next elections, much more can happen. The Alliance can fall apart, and Orban can tighten the screws even more. Nevertheless, the news that the Hungarian opposition is no longer going to tolerate attempts to split and weaken itself is great news.”

Fidesz won't disappear overnight

Magyar Hang journalist Adam Tompos says the opposition has too much hope in the current alliance:

“I get the impression that the opposition envisions its possible victory as follows: on a joyous and intoxicating election day in April 2022, all of a sudden, in the blink of an eye, the whole system of 'national cooperation' and everything that it has done over the past decade will disappear without a trace. ... To bring about epoch-making changes, these elections must first be won, because, in order to achieve most of the goals put forward by the opposition, it is necessary to get a majority of at least two-thirds. ... The opposition is facing a very difficult task — and primarily because the tone in the opposition camp is set by a bloc that embodies the past that has already been overcome.”

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