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Trump supporters organize his “second inauguration” on January 20

Supporters of the current US President Donald Trump intend to hold his virtual “second inauguration” on the day Joe Biden takes office — January 20. This is stated in a message on the planned event's Facebook page.

The promotion is announced at noon, January 20. More than 60 thousand people intend to take part in the virtual inauguration.

In turn, the social network Facebook added a reminder that the elected President of the United States is Biden.

On December 15, Biden announced that the electoral college vote was a “clear victory.” The Democrat added that Trump's attempts to challenge the outcome of the presidential election in the United States, including in the courts, were unsuccessful. However, Donald Trump said he would continue to challenge the country's election results.

The US presidential election was held on November 3. The current head of the White House is convinced that the elections were held with numerous violations and falsifications in favor of the Democrats. Trump's attempts to file lawsuits to block electoral votes have ended in failure.

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