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US Department of Justice accused Russia of a cyberattack on government networks

The United States reported that it had recorded a serious attack on the computer networks of the federal government. It is suspected that this is the work of Russian hackers.

Russia is responsible for the massive cyberattack on the American government's networks. This was announced on Monday, December 21, at a press conference by US Attorney General William Barr.

“Based on the information I have, I agree with Secretary of State Pompeo's assessment. It certainly looks like Russia,” he said.

Earlier it became known that a group of hackers broke into the system of the US Treasury Department and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and stole their data.

Also, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, the cyberattacks also affected Cisco Systems, Intel, NVidia, VMware, Belkin, and the international audit firm Deloitte.

In particular, Cisco said the virus was found in some systems intended for employees and laboratory research. A virus update was downloaded to Intel.

The Kremlin has already stated that Russia has nothing to do with this.

Recall that hackers have caused damage to the global economy for $1 trillion.

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