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In the US, Congress agreed on a plan to support the economy for $900 billion

The plan assumes, in particular, the payment of $600 to Americans, as well as an increase in unemployment benefits by $300.

In the US, legislators have agreed on a new stimulus package amid a nearly $900 billion pandemic, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, Reuters reported on Monday, December 21.

“Senate leaders and representatives of the US Congress have come to a final agreement that this will be another important bailout package for the American people,” McConnell said.

According to the agency, the stimulus package, the second-largest in American history and second only to the $2.3 trillion injections in the spring, includes direct payments to Americans in the amount of $600, an expansion of unemployment programs, including an increase in benefits by $300 a week.

During the first wave of the epidemic and the lockdown, more than 20 million Americans lost their jobs, and only half of them found a new place for the winter.

In addition, the stimulus plan also includes $25 billion in rent compensation for affected businesses, hundreds of billions of dollars in assistance to small businesses, and an appropriation for a nationwide vaccination, which kicked off in the US last week.

Recall that the United States has a record increase in COVID, but Trump is against a lockdown. During the day, more than 400,000 Americans were diagnosed with the coronavirus, but Donald Trump claims that strict quarantine is worse than the infection itself.

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