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An American in Miami robbed two banks in 20 minutes

Photo: Still from video
Fortunately, no one was hurt

The American in a short period of time managed to empty the cash desk in two banks. He did not even hide his face.

In the US city of Miami in southeast Florida, the FBI is looking for a man who managed to rob two bank branches within 20 minutes, writes NBC.

The FBI has published footage from CCTV cameras that show that the attacker did not even hide his face.

First, the man went to Bank of America and forced the employee to give him cash from the cash register. After 20 minutes, the American was already at Chase Bank.

In the first bank, he was in a T-shirt, and in the second he put on a shirt.

No one was injured during the robbery. What amount the robber managed to profit from is not reported.

The FBI is asked to report if someone recognized the man or knows where he is.

Earlier we wrote that an American robbed a bank, after which he ran out into the street and scattered money with the words “Merry Christmas!”.

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