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In Thailand, the first large-scale outbreak of coronavirus in six months was recorded

A new large-scale outbreak of coronavirus infection occurred in Thailand — 548 cases were registered during the day, their source is called the fish market area. This was stated by the Director-General of the Department of Disease Control of the Ministry of Health of Thailand Ophat Kanphavinphong.

There have been no coronavirus outbreaks in the country for six months, and in total, according to the Johns Hopkins University project on December 19, only 4,331 cases and 60 deaths have been registered in Thailand since the beginning of the pandemic.

“After the registration of the first patient, a 67-year — old woman who owns a shrimp farm and a place in the market, on December 17 in Samutsakhon province near the central shrimp market, the Ministry and local health authorities began an epidemiological investigation and mass testing for coronavirus of persons who were in direct contact with the patient, as well as visitors and market workers,” a representative of the Ministry of Health told reporters.

He noted that 1,192 migrants from Myanmar worked in the market, and half of them — 516-were infected with COVID-19. In most cases, the symptoms either do not appear at all or appear in a mild form, there are no severe patients.

Conpaviper said that the authorities are ready to suppress the outbreak. However, doctors are confident that the number of infected people will grow as the testing of workers who live compactly in the province progresses — there live “mainly young people of working age who have good health.”

The entire province of Samutsakhon has been placed on lockdown, closed public facilities, and imposed restrictions on entry and exit from the province.

Over the past six months, only 22 cases of infection have been registered in Thailand, not counting imported cases. In Samutsakhon province, 18 people fell ill from the beginning of the pandemic to the beginning of the December outbreak, none of them died.

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