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Discovered a new dangerous symptom coronavirus

Doctors in the United States have discovered a new rare but dangerous symptom of the coronavirus, which was observed in several patients with COVID-19 in New York. This is reported by the BGR portal.

As the portal notes, in two months, doctors in New York recorded three cases when patients infected with coronavirus had such a symptom as keratitis — inflammation of the cornea. Later, the infection in all three of them spread to the inner membranes of the eyeball, causing endophthalmitis.

As a result, one of these patients died due to complications related to the coronavirus, the second lost his sight, and the third had to have one eye removed.

According to experts, the transition of keratitis to endophthalmitis is quite rare in medical practice, and most people should not worry much about this. However, the identification of three such cases in such a short period of time suggests the need for further research on the impact of coronavirus on eye infections.

Earlier in December, a team of scientists from Iceland discovered another symptom of the coronavirus. So, according to the researchers, more than half of the patients with COVID-19 had myalgia.

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