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Switzerland legalizes same-sex marriage

Same-sex couples can now legally marry, and lesbian couples have access to sperm banks.

In Switzerland, the Federal Assembly has approved a bill to allow same-sex marriage in the country. The press service of the parliament reported this on Friday, December 18.

In the National Council (lower house of parliament), the law was supported by 136 deputies, 48 were against, nine abstained. In the Council of Cantons (upper house of parliament), the initiative was supported by 24 deputies, 11 opposed, and seven abstained.

Same-sex marriage is now allowed in Switzerland, and Lesby couples are given access to sperm banks.

Note that since 2007 in Switzerland, persons of the same sex could formalize relations in the form of a so-called registered partnership, but members of such families, in particular, are not allowed to adopt children.

Recall that earlier in Northern Ireland, same-sex marriage was allowed. The first same-sex weddings took place in Northern Ireland in February - Valentine's Day.

It was also reported that gay marriage was allowed in Costa Rica. The country became the first in Central America to officially legalize same-sex marriage. Couples specially waited for 12 o'clock at night and got married in the first minutes.

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