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More than a million people have already received the COVID vaccine

Most vaccinated at the moment in China. As of November 28, 650 thousand people were vaccinated there.

The vaccination campaign is taking place in four countries of the world and at the moment more than a million people on the planet have already received vaccinations against coronavirus. This was reported on Friday, December 18, by the American agency Bloomberg.

So, more than 1.1 million people have already been vaccinated against coronavirus — these are residents of the UK, USA, China, and Russia. Most vaccinated in China, there as of November 28, 650 thousand people were vaccinated.

In Britain, as of December 15, 137.8 thousand people were vaccinated against COVID-19, and 320 thousand in Russia. In the United States, where vaccination began only this week, as of December 17, almost 50 thousand citizens received the first vaccine.

Earlier it was reported that the US Vice President was publicly vaccinated against COVID-19.

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