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The right to demolish the former Trump hotel will play out at auction

The Trump Plaza hotel and casino, which previously belonged to US President Donald Trump, will be demolished in a targeted explosion. The authorities of the city of Atlantic City (New Jersey) will play the right to this at an auction. This was announced by the mayor of the city Marty Small, his speech was broadcast on Facebook.

“We are demolishing this building based on Trump's past in our city. Trump took advantage of the bankruptcy laws, made big money in Atlantic City, and then left the city and its inhabitants to the mercy of fate, ” said Small. The demolition of the building is timed to coincide with the Republican's loss in the US presidential election.

The money raised from the auction will go to help the youth club, which provides vocational training for teenagers.

Trump Plaza was supposed to be demolished on December 31, but this was postponed until February 2021. The building has been closed since 2014 and is currently owned by 84-year-old billionaire Card Icahn. This is not the only building of Trump's empire. At one time, the billionaire built six Trump Plaza, one of which is in Israel.

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