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Pfizer and Moderna will not be held responsible for vaccine side effects

The United States has granted pharmaceutical companies immunity from liability if serious side effects occur to volunteers who have tested vaccines.

The US authorities have granted pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna immunity from liability in the event that volunteers who have tested developed COVID vaccines develop serious side effects. This was reported by CNBC with reference to experts on Thursday, December 17.

“It is very rare for universal immunity laws to be passed. Pharmaceutical companies generally do not have adequate protection under the law,” said Dallas-based labor and employment lawyer Rogge Dunn.

The channel adds that Americans cannot file a complaint against the US Food and Drug Administration or their employer due to the mandatory requirement of COVID-19 vaccination in order to work. At the same time, although the US Congress created a special fund to cover the costs associated with harm to the health of citizens as a result of vaccinations, it is quite difficult to use the money.

“The government does not want people to sue the companies that make the COVID-19 vaccine, because in that case, the manufacturers would probably charge the authorities a higher price per dose [of the drug],” Dunn added.

In February, US Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar cited a 2005 law requiring the agency to provide legal protection to companies that manufacture or distribute essential medical products, including vaccines and drugs, except in the event of “willful misconduct” by firms. This means that for the next four years, companies “cannot be prosecuted for damages” related to vaccinations.

The companies themselves Pfizer and Moderna, as well as the US Department of Health and Human Services, declined to comment on the issue.

Earlier it was reported about a negative reaction to vaccination in an American physician. Soon after the Pfizer vaccine, a second physician was allergic.

Their response to the vaccine was similar to that of two health workers following vaccinations in the UK last week. Allergy sufferers were then advised to avoid the Pfizer vaccine.

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