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A dangerous vulnerability was found in gadgets on the Android platform

Users of millions of Android devices could face a cyberattack due to a vulnerability discovered. This was reported on the Project Zero website.

Cybersecurity experts have assigned the issue a high severity rating. It is noted that the vulnerability is in the Qualcomm Adreno GPU driver. It occurs when a user device structure is associated with the kernel graphics support level (KGSL) file descriptors.

However, as experts explained, in practice it is quite difficult to attack a device through this “gap”. Qualcomm has already responded to the request and released a patch that will become available as early as January next year. However, some experts argue that this measure will not be enough and the risk of an attack on devices will remain.

More than a third of sites in 2021 may be closed for display on Android smartphones with OS version 7.1.1 and earlier. Next September, the DST Root X3 certificate, which was cross-signed for encrypted sites, will expire. Since 2015, Let's Encrypt and IdenTrust have been doing this.

Now the percentage of users with such OS is 12.9% of all owners of Android gadgets.

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