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Why did Tom Cruise fall out with the crew during the filming of the new Mission: Impossible?

An audiotape leaked to the network in which Tom Cruise reprimanded the film crew of Mission Impossible 7 – we tell you why.

Tom Cruise has been ranked first in the ratings of the most popular and highest-paid actors for many years. And deservedly so: the 58-year-old actor independently performs most of the stunts and approaches the filming process with great professionalism, demanding the same from other members of the film crew. Recently, an audio recording was leaked to the network in which Cruise reprimanded the team for neglecting safety measures during the resumed filming of the seventh part of the Mission: Impossible franchise in the UK.

According to Western media reports, Cruz was furious when he noticed that some crew members behind the monitors on the playback were too close to each other. If I see it again, you will all be fired, ” Cruise said, not shy of expression. — So that I don't see it again!”

Recall that the shooting of the film “Mission: Impossible” stopped in February due to the outbreak of coronavirus in Italy. Work on the film was resumed in September — in accordance with strict security protocols, so it is not surprising that Cruz reacts so emotionally to any violations.

On the recording, the actor added that he regularly communicates with film studios, insurance companies, and producers, convincing them that the shooting is taking place according to the protocol. In a sense, Mission Impossible 7's set has become a model for the film industry, as the project team was one of the first to interrupt filming last winter and return to them with great care in the fall.

The premiere of the film is scheduled for November 19, 2021. In addition to Cruise, the main roles were played by Rebecca Ferguson and Nicholas Hoult. The director is Christopher McQuarrie, who has directed three parts of the franchise.

Rumors that it can be difficult to work with Cruz have been circulating for a long time. Thandie Newton, who played the main female role in the second part of Mission: Impossible, that it was not easy to film with Cruise because he loves to command and interfere in other people's work. “I was very scared of Tom,” Tandy recalls. — He is a dominant person. He tries very hard to be a good person, but this is pressure. He takes on a lot. I think he believes that he alone can do everything in the best possible way.”

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