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A friend of Kate Middleton spoke about the non-public side of her life...

In public, 38-year-old Kate Middleton always corresponds to a high status: she is perfectly dressed and shows impeccable manners. At the same time, few people guess what the wife of Prince William is in the circle of the closest people when she is not followed by hundreds of lenses.

Recently, one of her friends told about this little-known side of Kate's life in an interview with people. In a conversation with journalists, she admitted that in real life, Kate is almost no different from most mothers with many children.

At home, Kate is very relaxed. Their residence is a family nest, where children run around, knocking over everything in their path. There is no room for pomposity and grace. When you see Kate where there are no cameras, she seems very confident and quite a strict mom. If the children suddenly start acting up, she tells them off,

— shared a friend of Kate.

She also said that in ordinary life, the duchess of Cambridge almost does not wear makeup, and prefers simple and comfortable clothes to designer elegant outfits. It is in this form that Kate most often takes children to school:

She rarely wears her signature locks and most often puts her hair in a ponytail. In the school parking lot, she most often appears in a tracksuit or in a dress with sneakers, while her face is almost never made up. In case of being late, Kate always apologizes to the teachers before going about her business. This is the normal life of a working mother with three children.

Another anonymous person in an interview with the same publication said that Kate and William often spend weekends with their children at their country residence in Norfolk. On such days, Middleton usually takes the children to a development center for half a day, where they learn how to make pottery. Sometimes, according to an insider, the Dukes of Cambridge spend evenings in local pubs, where they just relax and socialize:

I once heard them talk about family life and children, just like any other parents. It's amazing how normal and loving this couple is.

Another source said that a whole team of people help Kate Middleton keep track of the house and children, as well as perform her royal duties. It includes nanny Maria Teresa Turion Borriello, who came into the family when the couple's eldest son George was just eight months old, and, of course, Kate's personal stylist and assistant, Natasha Archer.

If you look at the people around Kate, you will see that it is a friendly and cohesive team. She would have been lost without Maria, Natasha, and the other assistants. They do their job conscientiously, and Kate manages the process,

— an insider shared.

A friend of Kate Middleton spoke about the non-public side of her life...

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