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In November, inflation in France accelerated to 0.2%

The Statistical Office of France published the final estimate of the dynamics of consumer prices in November. They showed an increase of 0.2% in both monthly and annual terms. The figures are in line with analysts’ forecasts. They were calculated according to French standards.

In October, the country recorded a zero growth rate of consumer prices. The cost of grocery products, as well as tobacco products and services, increased last month. At the same time, energy carriers and industrial goods fell in price.

The French Statistical Office also calculated price movements in accordance with the standards in force in the European Union. It has not changed compared to the preliminary estimate.

The indicators show an acceleration of inflation in November to 0.2% on an annualized basis from the October rate of growth of prices by 0.1%. On a monthly basis, consumer prices also rose 0.2%. Both indicators coincided with the values predicted by the analysts who took part in the survey.

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