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Apple aims to increase iPhone production by 30% in 2021

Japanese newspaper Nikkei Asia has announced plans by the American company Apple next year to significantly increase the release of the iPhone to meet the expected growth in demand for the first in a line of gadgets with 5G technology.

The company expects to ship approximately 96 million iPhones in the first 6 months of next year. Their number will exceed the production volume of the current year by 30%. Media reports are corroborated by an order from Apple to its suppliers for approximately 96 million iPhones.

At the same time, sources informed in this matter told the Japanese newspaper that these plans may not be realized, since recently there has been a shortage of basic components for the production of smartphones in the world.

According to Apple's 2021 plan, the company aims to produce 230 million smartphones, up 20% from this year's release.

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