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World's 10 Most Dangerous and Aggressive Dog Breeds

dangerous dog

Recently, American scientists conducted research and published a list of the most dangerous dog breeds for humans. It may seem strange to you, but it looked like harmless dogs. However, under certain circumstances, in a specific situation, even they can be very dangerous.

But let's not talk about the bad. These are just the extremes that arise due to improper upbringing or because of the purposeful cultivation of intentional anger and aggression towards people and other animals in a certain dog.

It is impossible, especially fighting and large dogs, to deprive them of education and to allow them to grow and develop independently. Dogs are like children — what we will allow them to become, how we educate them, so they will become.

Here is a list of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world.

1. Dalmatians

dangerous dog

We all know how harmless these dogs look. About them, even cartoons for children and good ones are drawn. But, statistics and science are harsh things. If you look closely at the breed, it becomes clear that they belong to guard dogs.

The average weight of a Dalmatian can reach up to 30 kg. Pretty big dog.

Dalmatians may well show aggression if somehow provoked. They are also distinguished by intelligence, quick wit, and good memory. It is very difficult to independently and correctly raise such a pet.

May require special classes and consultations of specialists and breeders of the breed. Dalmatians are very energetic, and therefore they should spend a lot of time so that they spend energy.

2. Boxer

dangerous dog

Boxers are notable for their stubbornness and independence. Their genes did not initially contain aggressiveness. Despite their temper, they are very playful and agile.

Initial skills are not enough to train such a dog!

In order not to fear in the future for your own health and the health of others, it is necessary to engage in upbringing at a puppy's age, including, under the supervision of a specialist.

3. Presa Canario

dangerous dog

This breed was bred to tame livestock and to protect it from a possible attack of wild animals. These are large dogs.

The weight of an adult can reach 50 kg.

Such a dog can easily cope with a person in case of an attack. And the latter will have practically no chance of winning.

4. Chow Chow

dangerous dog

In appearance, these are very cute and good-natured animals that resemble bears. They do not look aggressive at all and are capable of attacking a person.

But even this breed without proper attention and proper upbringing can become a threat to you!

If they seem independent, then this does not mean that they should be deprived of attention. Due to the special structure of the Chow Chow's muzzle, when you inhale and exhale, they often make a sound like a growl.

It is especially noticeable during walks when the dog has an increased breathing rhythm. Because of this growl, many passers-by shun Chow-Chow, although, in reality, these dogs with a purple tongue do not pose a threat.

5. Doberman Pincher

dangerous dog

Dobermans were bred as watchdogs. And they did not get on this list by chance.

The adult representative of this breed can reach a weight of up to 40 kg.

Dobermans are loyal to their masters. Very often they attack precisely because they see a threat to their family, owner, and to territory that the dog considers his own. To provoke such a formidable and large dog is not worth it. Otherwise, you can greatly regret it.

6. Malamute

dangerous dog

Outwardly, these dogs are very reminiscent of wolves. But in terms of danger, of course, they differ. These animals have one distinguishing feature: they are very intelligent and sometimes refuse to obey those who are considered stupid.

Malamute is a large breed (from 30 to 43 kilograms).

If you leave Malamute alone for a long time and pay little attention, this can cause serious harm both to the environment that surrounds the dog and to random people. Give this dog at least 2 hours a day, and she will enjoy life with you.

7. Canadian Eskimo Dog (Exquimaux Husky)

dangerous dog

Another of the descendants of wolves. Outwardly, they have spilled wolves. At the same time, they are very smart, and their energy pours over the edge. They are in the middleweight category. An adult dog can weigh a maximum of 30 kg.

Because of their activity, they require a lot of time for walks, otherwise, they can throw out all their unspent energy on others. Sometimes this does not happen in a very good-natured form.

It is not worth it to start a dog so that it is a watchman. As well as their Malamutes gather, huskies should be brought up taking into account a special course of obedience.

8. German Shepherd

dangerous dog

If this breed of dog was not on the list of the most dangerous in the world, then many would be very surprised. The fact is that the breed of German shepherds was bred for a specific purpose. And often, nowadays this goal is people. It is considered one of the best service breeds in the world.

Such a dog weighs an average of 45 kg. If you do not educate, then deal with it in the future will be difficult.

The dog has a quick reaction, high intelligence, and is very attentive, it can also independently make decisions in certain situations. For these reasons, it is in demand among detective agencies and law enforcement agencies.

9. Rottweiler

dangerous dog

Dogs of this breed are very good watchmen. Of course, this quality can be developed only with proper education and training.

With such a large weight — up to 60 kg, such a dog can even, without resorting to bites, inflict serious injuries on a person.

This breed has a good sense of its own territory, which they are ready to defend to the end. In case of conflict with such a dog, it is best to retire without resorting to flight.

10. American Pit Bull Terrier

dangerous dog

Most likely you were not surprised. Pit bulls were bred in the United States as fighting dogs. They have almost no sense of fear.

Even under the threat of death, they will not open their jaws, not making sure that they won.

A representative of this breed can be raised as a family dog, but if the Pit Bull Terrier at least once smells and tastes of blood, then it will be difficult for him to avoid fights with other dogs.


Many dogs have a genetic tendency to attack and fight, at least in some breeds it is clearly present. In a normal situation, they may not attack you, but if the situation is associated with a fight or a fight, they are unlikely to be unable to take such an offer and accept the challenge.

Fighting dogs from this point of view is the most dangerous — they attack silently and without warning. Their death grip is so strong that sometimes even the efforts of several people are not enough to open the jaw and release the victim.

Simply put, if a dog can regard any of your actions as an offer of a fight or aggression directed against it, then, in this case, waiting for the dog to silently step aside is pointless and very dangerous.

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