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China tested a ballistic missile capable of hitting targets in the US

The rocket launch took place on December 22 in the Gulf of Bohai off the coast of northern China

A strategic submarine of the Chinese Navy conducted a test firing of a JL-3 ballistic missile, which is capable of carrying a nuclear charge and hitting any targets in the United States. It is reported by The Washington Times.

The rocket was reportedly launched on December 22 in the Gulf of Bohai off the coast of northern China.

This is the fourth JL-3 test in the last two years. The boat of the People’s Republic of China launched on the background of the Pentagon’s announcement that North Korea was ready to test long-range missiles.

The launch of the ballistic missile was monitored by American satellites. They found that the rocket flew towards the West. Sources of launch details were not reported but noted that it was successful.

The Pentagon said they did not have information about the launch.

Recall, on November 28, the DPRK launched rockets towards Japan. Two ballistic missiles were launched, none of which reached the Japanese economic zone. In Japan, the launch of missiles by North Korea was called an international threat.

The US Department of State said it was monitoring the situation and closely consulted with South Korea and Japan

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