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Bill Gates predicted US restrictions until 2022

The businessman supports radical restrictions due to the coronavirus and advocates widespread vaccination.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates said the next six months will be the most difficult for the United States in the entire COVID-19 pandemic, and the country's restrictions may last until 2022. He told about this in an interview with CNN.

The businessman supported tough measures to combat the coronavirus, including self-isolation and a ban on cafes and restaurants.

“According to forecasts, (from the coronavirus) another 200 thousand people may die. If we wore masks and kept our distance, we could avoid most of the deaths,” Gates said.

He believes that the situation will return to normal sometime after the start of mass vaccination, that is, by the summer of 2021. At the same time, Gates is convinced that the risk of contracting coronavirus will be high until 2022.

“By summer we will be much closer to normal than now, but even before the beginning of 2022, if we do not help other countries get rid of this disease and achieve high vaccination rates in our country, the risk will not disappear,” the businessman added.

Earlier, Gates said that only the widespread use of the coronavirus vaccine will ensure the return of humanity to normal life.

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