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This pigeon was sold for almost $2 million

Pigeon races are one of the most unusual entertainments of the Belgians. Here they sold a “racing” pigeon for an incredible amount — 1.9 million US dollars.

Pigeon racing is an ancient distinction that gained particular popularity in the 19th century in the Netherlands. Dozens of years later, residents of other European countries began to get involved in the game. Today, entertainment is also relevant in China.

Specially trained birds — pigeons, which can boast of excellent navigational properties and the ability to develop high speed, participate in racing events. Birds are able to travel long distances — up to thousands of kilometers.

At one of the auctions, trained birds were put up for sale. In just half an hour, two people wishing to become owners of unique pigeons raised their stakes to incredible amounts.

So, a $325,000 stake was placed on the Kim, and soon the amount increased to $1.9 million, while the starting price was only $236.

The auction was organized to celebrate the retirement of a popular breeder. 440 birds were presented, and the proceeds were $5.8 million, according to NBC. The breeder did not expect such an outcome and was satisfied with a good increase in pension accruals.

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