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The global economy will face new challenges in the near future

The global economy faces new challenges. Writes CNBC with reference to the statement of the head of the Central Bank of the Philippines Benjamin Diokno. He believes that the situation that is currently observed in many countries does not allow us to expect a significant improvement in the state of the world economy in the near future.

Some countries will experience new outbreaks of the pandemic. Despite the successful completion of vaccine trials, this event has not yet affected the health of the population. According to Benjamin Diokno, the IMF's forecast of a 4.4% reduction in global GDP in 2020 looks too optimistic.

The number of diseases worldwide is already approaching 70 million. If vaccination of the population of the most affected countries begins in the near future and will be carried out at a rapid pace, then in the first quarter of next year we can expect the first signs of a recovery in the global economy.

The OECD forecasts global GDP growth in 2021 at 4.25%. In 2022, it will be 3.75%.

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