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TOP 10 curious Coca-Cola secrets

More than 1.9 billion servings of soda are bought every day around the world, and it seems that almost every inhabitant of the Earth has opened the famous red can of refreshing drink at least once in his life. Coca-Cola is one of the most expensive brands in the world, valued at $84 billion. And today 94% of the world's population knows the company's corporate red and white logo.

We decided to find out the details of the emergence of this popular worldwide drink and reveal almost all the secrets of Coca-Cola that will surprise even the most loyal fans of sweet soda. And in the bonus, we will tell you about alternative ways of using this drink.

1. Made the logo red because of taxes

John Stith Pemberton created soda in 1886 as an alternative to other popular drinks. And since in the 19th century only the category of drinks that could be drunk by both children and adults was not taxed, it was decided to paint barrels of soda in a bright red color in order to differ from any other drinks, and mainly in order to tax agents were able to accurately identify Coca-Cola products and freely let them pass when transported to other cities.

2. Used Santa Claus for advertising

Soda makers are often credited with popularizing the modern Santa Claus image of an old man in his signature red and white suit. The iconic image of Santa Claus first appeared on Coca-Cola products in the 1930s as part of a winter advertising campaign and is today the most recognizable image in the world.

3. Leave secret messages on the packaging

Of course, you most likely know the adorable Coca-Cola polar bears. But you probably didn't notice that soda makers often like to hide secret symbols in their cute illustrations. Take a look at this 2017 New Year's Coca-Cola can for example. The bears have white soda bottles on their noses, and their eyes are shaped like inverted caps.

4. Especially made blots on the bottoms

If you turn over almost any can of the popular beverage, you can see small blobs that many people mistake for accidental dirt formed during transportation. The multicolored specks on the bottom of the soda are actually needed in order to use a special device to identify the poor-quality coating of the can and to avoid unwanted stoppages of the production line.

5. Emphasized the shape of the bottles

In 1915, the designer Earl R. Dean came up with a new bottle, the shape of which was inspired by the cocoa fruit — so, according to one version, Dean mistakenly assumed that the name of the drink is associated with a chocolate tree.

6. The first to send soda into space

In 1995, a special device was developed that made it possible to drink the famous drink even in space. The apparatus contained 1.65 liters of classic and diet cola.

7. The first to come up with a reference packaging

This 6-bottle package, already familiar to many drinks, was invented in 1923 by Coca-Cola employees. It was created to encourage shoppers to take home more drinks from stores. Other beverage manufacturers quickly took advantage of this idea.

8. Advertised the drink as a medicinal

The drink was originally patented as a remedy for nervous system disorders as well as indigestion. The soda was first sold through a vending machine at Jacob's largest city drugstore in Atlanta in 1886. Today, the drink is also accepted in some parts of the world as a medicinal one. For example, residents of the Middle Kingdom use heated soda with ginger as a remedy for colds.

9. Retained a secret recipe from competitors

In 2006, a former Coca-Cola employee wanted to sell the company's secrets to rival soda maker Pepsi for $1.5 million. When he tried to send confidential documents and product samples, Pepsi representatives approached the FBI instead of using competitors' trade secrets for their own purposes.

10. Made the drink colorless for one person

The only time in history when a soda changed its color from black to transparent happened in 1940. This was done at the request of Marshal Georgy Zhukov Russia, who really liked the drink at one of the meetings with Dwight Eisenhower. About 50 boxes with a colorless version of soda in transparent glass bottles with a white lid with a red star in the center were specially made and sent to Zhukov.

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